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Anxiety Workshop for Kids

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on Anxiety

Anxiety can significantly affect a child’s engagement with the world – impacting their learning, confidence, self-belief, friendships and their potential. But it doesn’t need to be this way. With the right support children can be empowered with the knowledge and skills to manage their anxiety and build courage and resilience so that they can start living their best lives.

The 'Get a GRIP on Anxiety' Program:


Help your child get a grip on their anxi
  • Empowers kids with the knowledge and skills to manage their anxiety

  • Builds courage, confidence and resilience

  • Encourages kids to face their fears

  • Provides practical and powerful ways to get a GRIP on anxiety

  • Normalizes and destigmatizes anxiety and mental health

Program Overview

The word GRIP is an acronym. This acronym will help your child to remember 4 really important steps when it comes to managing their anxiety. 

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  • What is Anxiety?

  • Understanding Anxiety: The Brain

  • The Three Parts of Anxiety

  • A Chain Reaction: Anxiety Starts with a Thought

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  • When Worry Becomes a Problem

  • Smart Glasses and Worry Glasses

  • Thinking Traps

  • Thought Checking

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  • Fighting Fear with Brave Plans

  • Fears and Worries List

  • Brave Plans

  • Practising Brave Plans

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  • Breathing Techniques

  • Mantras

  • Grounding

  • Visualisation

Program Details:





  • Recommended for children aged 8-12 years.

  • Half-day workshop (4 hours) with an experienced teacher.

  • Lifetime Access to our Online 'Get a GRIP on Anxiety' Program to reinforce key concepts learned at the workshop.

  • Based on evidence-based principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). It is now well established that CBT is the most effective method for overcoming anxiety in children and teenagers.

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Enrol Now for Term 3

Date: Sunday 29th of August

Time: 9-1pm

Venue: St Joseph's Bardon (41 The Drive, Bardon)

Teacher: Sophie Reilly

Cost: $195

Please email info@getgritprogram to register your interest. 



  • Does your child feel anxious more than other children of a similar age?

  • Does anxiety stop your child from participating in activities at school or socially?

  • Does your child’s anxiety interfere with their ability to do things?

  • Does your child’s fears and worries seem out of proportion to the issues in their life?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, your child will benefit from learning how to manage their anxiety.

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Is Your Child's Anxiety a Problem?

Frequently Asked Questions

For what ages do you recommend ‘Get a GRIP on Anxiety?’

We recommend the program for children aged 8-12 years. 


Do parents stay for the workshop?

Parents are not allowed to stay for the workshop.  This is to ensure a safe and private environment for participants. Parents receive an overview of the program with activities to complete with the aim of teaching parents new ways of responding to their child's anxious behaviours.  Parents can also complete our online 'Get a GRIP on Anxiety' Program, alongside their child, which will provide a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts taught during the workshop.

Am I able to receive Medicare or Private Health rebates?

Fees are not covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance. 'Get a GRIP on Anxiety' is an Educational program taught by an experienced teacher.



Get a GRIP on Anxiety program provides parents and children with the tools and strategies to help children manage anxiety.  It is not designed for children who have severe psychological disorders or medical conditions.  Children who show signs of dangerous behaviour to themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional.  Get a GRIP on Anxiety is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment.   If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional and not solely rely upon the opinions expressed in Get a GRIP on Anxiety Program.

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