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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission


Our mission at Get GRIT is to empower kids and their families with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy mind and positive well-being. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for every child to learn how to Get GRIT so that they can manage their emotions, enjoy healthy and positive relationships, develop a growth mindset, be resilient, persistent, optimistic, tackle life’s challenges with grit, reach their true potential and realise his or her goals and dreams.

Our Values

We value each and every individual child with their own special talents, abilities and challenges. We also value supporting and empowering the whole family.  We treat every child and their parents with respect, kindness and unconditional positive regard.  We value open and honest communication.  We aim to ensure every child has a positive and enriching experience and learns life-long skills that will serve them in every area of their life.

The Get GRIT program was developed by School Guidance Counsellor Michele Lund in response to parents and teachers seeking a program that teaches children the necessary social and emotional skills to successfully navigate school. With over a decade of school-based experience as a classroom teacher, a learning support teacher and in her current position as a guidance counsellor, Michele recognised the need to provide a social skills and resilience program that focused on developing healthy relationships and a positive growth mindset.  Michele has over 15 years of school-based experience working with children and parents.  She completed her Masters of Education in Guidance and counselling in 2015.  Many of the children Michele works with experience low self-esteem, anxiety, poor social skills, and a fixed mindset. Michele’s passion is teaching and inspiring children to be resilient, determined, to tackle life’s challenges with grit, develop a growth mindset and reach their true potential.

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Michele Lund

Creator and Managing Director

Bachelor of Education (Primary), Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling)


Sophie is an experienced teacher and mother of two young boys.  With over a decade of school-based experience as a classroom teacher, Sophie has extensive experience teaching across all year levels in Australia and internationally. 

She is passionate about teaching children how to develop a positive growth mindset, how to build resilience and maintain a healthy mind and positive well-being.  Sophie believes these skills are imperative to prepare children of today for a world of change and opportunity.

Kate McPhee


Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Kate is an experienced teacher and mother of two young boys.  Kate's career in Education spans over 15 years as a primary school classroom teacher and learning support teacher.  Kate believes passionately that every child deserves a champion and her vision at Get GRIT is underpinned by this belief. She is passionate about teaching and empowering children and their parents with the skills to improve their mental health and well-being so that they can enjoy healthy relationships and thrive. 

Nikki Sawatzki

Bachelor of Education (Primary)


Sophie Reilly


Bachelor of Education (Primary), Master of Education

Nikki is an experienced teacher and mother of two girls with a career in Education and Childcare spanning over 28 years.  Nikki is passionate about fostering resilience as well as developing a child’s emotional intelligence and its vital role in raising happy, resilient and well-adjusted kids.  Nikki believes that mastering the essential skills in life lays a strong foundation for learning, relationships and citizenship critical for success in school and beyond.  

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Jessica Kearney

Bachelor of Education (Primary), Master of Education (in progress)

An experienced teacher of over 15 years, Jessica has taught in primary schools both overseas and in Australia.  A mother of two young children, Jessica is passionate about mental health and the importance of teaching children how to foster good mental health habits to promote optimal growth and development.


Elizabeth Kucharski

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Liz is a dedicated and experienced primary school teacher of over 15 years.  She is passionate about teaching mental health and wellbeing so that children can flourish in their education journey, meet their learning potentials, build resilience to cope with normal stresses and are connected to their community and friends.  



Helen O'Rourke

Bachelor of Education (Primary)


Helen is an experienced and passionate primary school teacher, specialising in inclusive education. Originating from the UK, Helen has over a decade of teaching experience in the UK and Australia.  She is passionate about Social-Emotional learning and its integral part in Education and human development.

Gabriella Smith

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Gabriella, a mother of twins and a passionate primary school and dance teacher began her career as a classroom teacher just over 10 years ago. Gabby is a mental health advocate, believing that mental health is important at every stage of life allowing us to be the best person we can be. Gabby is passionate about teaching children these vital life lessons.

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