Module One

Module One - About the Get GRIT Program

Overview and Purpose

Module One introduces facilitators to the Get GRIT Program.  Module One also aims to help facilitators to successfully and confidently navigate the licensee portal.


  • To know Get GRIT's journey

  • To understand Get GRIT's mission, vision and values

  • To know Get GRIT's rationale

  • To be able to navigate Get GRIT's licensee portal

Welcome to Get GRIT's online Facilitator's Training.  Michele Lund, creator of the Get GRIT Program, shares Get GRIT's journey and the program's mission, vision and values statements.

About the Program

​​​Get GRIT is an evidence informed early intervention and prevention program that teaches children the knowledge and skills to maintain positive mental health and well-being. The program teaches children to; develop a growth mindset, enjoy healthy and positive relationships, manage their emotions, be resilient, persistent, tackle life's challenges with grit and to reach their true potential. 


The Get GRIT program was developed by School Guidance Counsellor Michele Lund in response to parents and teachers seeking a program that teaches children the necessary social and emotional skills to maintain a healthy mind and positive emotional well-being. One in two Australians will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008).  Surprisingly, half of all mental health conditions in adulthood begin before the age of 14 (Lawrence et la., 2015). Childhood is a time of rapid growth and provides a window of opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills for future well-being and mental health. 


A child’s social and emotional development is the foundation for learning and has a significant impact on how they cope and enjoy school life (Ashdown & Bernard, 2012).  Before students can learn effectively, any social and personal challenges that may interfere with their learning must be addressed (Wittmer and Clark, 2007). Social and emotional skills, like any other skill, need to be explicitly taught and practised.  Learning is a social process and research has found that students who have well-developed emotional skills and social awareness experience improved academic outcomes (Ashdown & Bernard, 2012).  Research has demonstrated that children who are explicitly taught social and emotional skills are more likely to succeed at school, develop healthy relationships and are less likely to develop mental health problems (Mindess, Chen & Brenner, 2008). Furthermore, the development of positive social capabilities plays a vital role in fostering children’s mental health and well-being (Mindess, Chen & Brenner, 2008). 


The program aims to develop students’ social, emotional and communication skills for improved relationships and academic outcomes.  The development of social competence in children is a concern for educators as more and more students are identified as experiencing difficulties in social and emotional development (Ashdown & Bernard, 2011).

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission


Our mission at Get GRIT is to empower kids and their families with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy mind and positive well-being. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for every child to learn how to Get GRIT so that they can manage their emotions, enjoy healthy and positive relationships, develop a growth mindset, be resilient, persistent, optimistic, tackle life’s challenges with grit, reach their true potential and realise his or her goals and dreams.

Our Values

We value each and every individual child with their own special talents, abilities and challenges. We also value supporting and empowering the whole family.  We treat every child and their parent/s with respect, kindness and unconditional positive regard.  We value open and honest communication.  We aim to ensure every child has a positive and enriching experience and learns life-long skills that will serve them in every area of their life.

Navigating the portal